What distinguishes an undergraduate degree from a postgraduate degree?

Distinction between undergraduate and postgraduate degrees. Buy undergraduate degrees. Buy a postgraduate degree. postgraduate or undergraduate

Distinction between undergraduate and postgraduate degrees. Buy undergraduate degrees. Buy postgraduate degree. postgraduate or undergraduate
Postgraduate or Undergraduate

Use this fast reference to compare and understand the key distinctions between undergraduate and graduate training. But before we get started, let’s quickly go through how the various levels are most commonly referred to outside of academia. In general, people refer to undergraduate degrees simply as “degrees” and postgraduate degrees as “master’s” degrees. Both of these phrases will be used in the post that follows.


Following high school, an undergraduate degree is often the next stage of scholastic achievement. They are typically a student’s first degree, obtained from a university or another institution of higher learning. Once they have earned their undergraduate degree, students can either begin working or continue their education.
The level of education after earning an undergraduate degree is a postgraduate degree. In England and Wales, it might be a level 7 or level 8 certification, while in Scotland, it can be a level 11 or 12. You can specialize in a particular area of the subject you studied as an undergraduate student thanks to postgraduate qualifications.


Only undergraduate degrees are available to students once they graduate from college, even though both undergraduate and postgraduate degrees are higher education credentials. Normally, you can only pursue a postgraduate degree after completing an undergraduate program.

Experiential Education

While postgraduate degrees focus on specializing within a specific area of a subject, undergraduate degrees typically require studying broadly throughout various areas of a subject. Along with requiring more independent thinking and research, postgraduate degrees typically involve fewer lectures, tutorials, and labs. Postgraduate courses often take less time to finish, unless you’re pursuing a PhD.

Education Level

Postgraduate degrees are at levels 7 or 8. Whereas undergraduate degrees are at levels 4, 5, or 6. In Scotland, undergraduate degrees are awarded at level 9 or 10, master’s degrees at level 11, and doctoral degrees at level 12.

Tuition fees

The government of the UK has set a limit on the costs that universities may charge for undergraduate bachelor’s degrees. For undergraduate programmes, the majority of UK universities charge a comparable rate that is at or just under the government cap. Some online degrees, however, have a lower tuition structure.

Postgraduate courses, however, are not subject to government regulation on tuition caps. Because of this, the price of a master’s degree can differ greatly between schools and even between courses at the same university.

Term Length

A postgraduate degree can be earned in three times the time of an undergraduate bachelor’s degree. Three years of full-time study are required to complete a typical UK degree, and each year consists of 120 credits. This contrasts with a year of full-time study for a postgraduate master’s degree consisting of 180 credits.

Types of Courses

You can choose from a variety of undergraduate courses, including a bachelor’s degree, Foundation year/foundation diploma, Foundation degree, Top-up degree, Higher National Certificate, Higher National Diploma, Certificate of Higher Education, Diploma of Higher Education, and Certificate of Continuing Education (CertCE). Whereas, postgraduate diplomas consist of; Master’s degree, Doctorate degree, Master of Business Administration, Postgraduate Certificate/Postgraduate Diploma, Postgraduate Certificate in Education/Postgraduate Diploma in Education, and Conversion courses

So there are a few Distinction between undergraduate and postgraduate degrees. Hence, if you have any queries or doubts just contact us for clarification. Buy undergraduate degrees online. Buy postgraduate degree online.

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