Visa de Long Séjour – Titre de Séjour Visa

Visa de Long Séjour – Titre de Séjour Visa. Get a VLS-TS Visa online. Buy VLS-TS Visa France. Common VLS-TS visa categories. VLS-TS visa cost. You are permitted to enter and remain in France after successfully acquiring a French long-stay visa in your country of residence. Upon arrival in France, you might, nevertheless, be required to convert your visa into a resident permit. Actually, the VLS-TS is a long-stay French visa. A foreign individual can enter and stay in French territory for up to a year with the help of this stamp or sticker, which is placed in their passport.

What is a VLS-TS?

For stays of three to twelve months, non-Europeans are granted a VLS-TS, a French long-stay visa that is equivalent to a residence permit. As a result, it is very possible that a VLS-TS will be given to you for the first year of your residence in France if you are relocating there for the first time.

Common VLS-TS visa categories

The following are some of the most popular VLS-TS visa categories:

VLS-TS Étudiant: for international students over 18 who have been granted admission to a French university.
VLS-TS Salarié, For salaried workers with a permanent contract lasting longer than 90 days.
Visa de Long Séjour-TS Travailleur Temporaire designation, For foreign workers with a temporary or fixed-term contract lasting longer than 90 days.
For ICT employees or intra-company transfers executing a senior management function with a contract that is valid for at least three years, use the VLS-TS Salarié détaché ICT designation.
For ICT workers or trainees posted to France for less than a year, use the VLS-TS Stagiaire.
VLS-TS Passeport Talent is for people with the ability to boost the French economy, such as financiers, entrepreneurs, independent contractors, highly skilled workers, researchers, artists, performers, and people with (inter)national reputations.
For spouses, partners, children, or dependent elderly parents who desire to join their family member in France, there is the VLS-TS Vie Privée Et Familiale program.
A temporary long-stay visa (VLS-T Visiteur) is given to tourists, digital nomads, retirees, or other long-term visitors who won’t engage in professional activities for a period of four to six months.

Who Requires a VLS-TS?

The following groups must acquire a French VLS-TS:

  • Foreign spouses of a French national (in this case the visa is issued unconditionally, except if the marriage is not frank, or has been called off, or the candidate is a danger to the public wealth).
  • Foreign students.
  • Foreign trainees.
  • Foreign workers with an indefinite work contract period.
  • Foreign temporary workers with a fixed-term work contract.
  • Foreign workers with a job in France.
  • Foreign visitors with enough money to support themselves without needing to get e paid job.
  • Foreign spouses of a foreign recipient of a family reunion (not including nationals of the Maghreb or French-speaking Sub-Saharan Africa when applying for the first time for a 10-year residence card)

How do I apply for the VLS-TS?

Send the required paperwork by mail to the OFII office:

  • the finished OFFI application form.
  • a copy of your passport’s key pages, such as the ones containing your personal information and the pages with visa stamps and stickers.

Following receipt of these documents, the administration of OFII will register your case and send you a letter at the address you provided inviting you for a welcome visit and, if necessary, a medical visit.
Once verified at the OFII offices in France, it serves as the visa holder’s residence permit in France.
This indicates that while they are in possession of the visa, their holders do not need to apply for a resident permit in France. However, within the first three months of entering French territory, they must confirm their visa at the French Office of Immigration and Integration (OFII). After their entry, holders of VLS-TS can also obtain a residence permit for their personal and family lives.

The VLS-TS application procedure is very straightforward. Follow the actions outlined below in the order specified to obtain it:

  • In your home nation, apply for a long-stay French visa with a 4–1 year validity period.
  • venture to France.
  • Visit the French Immigration and Citizenship Office (OFII) in France to validate or confirm your long-stay visa as a VLS-TS.

At the OFII, confirming VLS-TS

If you have a long-stay visa, you must validate it as a VLS-TS residence permit within the first three months of entering French territory.

The following is how the VLS-TS validation procedure works:

1) To begin with, you will receive the OFII form along with your visa from the French Embassy in your country of residency.
2) After filling out the form, email it to the OFII in the city where you are staying. Include scanned copies of the passport pages that display your name and date of entrance.
3) The OFII lists your file shortly after receiving the email and replies with a certificate of payment to your home address for paying the application cost.
4) You will then receive a letter directing you to visit the OFII for a welcome and medical checkup.
5) Bring the following documents with you when you visit the OFII:

  • your visa and your passport.
  • a document attesting to your French residency, such as a rent receipt, lease, power bill, water bill, or certificate of occupancy.
  • a picture ID.
  • With proof of online payment (varying amount depending on the mention of your visa), present either paper tax stamps or dematerialized tax stamps.
  • the document proving, if necessary, that you have already been to your home country to see a doctor who has been approved by the OFII.
  • The OFII signs the passport of the visa holder with a sticker and a date at the conclusion of the validation process, approving the holder as authorized to occupy French territory for a predetermined amount of time.

Fee Payable to OFII

There is a charge associated with applying for the validation of your VLS-TS. The cost varies according to the type of visa you have and is as follows:

  • 250 euros for private and family life (french spouse or spouse brought in through family reunification).
  • 250 euros for the visitor.
  • Student: around €80.
  • Trainee: 80 Euros.
  • A paid employee receives 250 euros (excluding temporary employees who are not subject to this payment).

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