How to Apply for a Driving License in Saudi Arabia.

how to apply for a KSA driver’s license

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scheduling an appointment for a driving license with Absher.
Picking a Vehicle and Showcasing Your Talents.
Computer test and initial trial.
enrolling (if necessary) in driving school classes
and taking the last exams.
Get your driver’s license.

Apply for a Driving License in KSA. KSA driving license fee, KSA driver's license for women. driver's license in Saudi Arabia. KSA car license, Driving Test saudi arabia

Required Documents for a Saudi Arabia driver’s license

Firstly, you need an Iqama or an original ID card.
Secondly, the Saudi Arabian medical examination for a driving license. These examinations are performed at any public or private medical facility that deals with traffic. This examination includes blood work, an eye exam, and a general physical.
Also, Pay for a driver’s license using a bank account.
6 official pictures (4 x 6 cm).
Also, the application for a Saudi driving license has been properly filled out.
You can fill it out yourself in Arabic or have a representative do it for you.

Application Process for a KSA Driver’s License

To begin the driving license application process, choose a driving school and sign up for driving lessons there. Attend the tests and pass them, especially the ones that the General Traffic Department (Muroor) will be watching for, both the practical and theoretical ones. It is necessary to schedule a Muroor appointment online through the Absher electronic platform if you want to obtain a Saudi driving license. Booking an appointment with the Traffic Police or Muroor for a Saudi driving license requires only nine easy steps, which are mentioned below.

Verify the OTP by logging into your Absher account.
From the Home Screen, select “Appointments”.
From the list of choices, select “Traffic” to go to Muroor Appointment Service.
Next, select “Book New Appointment” after selecting “Proceed to Service”.
choose Driving Schools for Training
choose the necessary region, then click “Next.”
Select the City’s Branch name by clicking the “Select” button.
Select the appointment’s date and time.
Now that you’ve chosen a service, you can “Confirm Appointment Details” and see the necessary paperwork.
You can print the appointment ticket for your scheduled appointment with Muroor right away.

Preparing for the Driving Test for a KSA Car License

So, you will fall into one of the three groups depending on how well you drive. As a result, the category you are assigned to will decide how long it takes and how much it will cost you to obtain a Saudi Arabian driver’s license. Driving Test Saudi Arabia
First, if you pass the First Driving Test (SAR 690), a 6-hour driving course is required.
Secondly, 12-Hour Driving Class (SAR 1466) if you fail the test but are a competent driver.
Thirdly, if you are unable to drive, do the 30-Hour Driving Course (SAR 2760).

Also, you need to pass the computer driving test before you can obtain your license.

That is to say, if you want to get a Saudi Arabian driving license and have any doubts or questions to ask please contact us. We are here to help you get a valid Driver’s license in Saudi Arabia for men and women. So, easily obtain a registered driver’s license as a woman or man in Saudi Arabia.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Saudi Arabian Driving License

1] Can I Drive to Saudi on a Visit Visa? Yes, if you have an international driver’s license and your visa is still valid

2] How to Get an Online Digital Driving License? Through Absher Individuals and the Tawakkalna application, you can obtain your Saudi Arabian digital driving license and Online Istimara.

3] How long does it take to get a Saudi Driving License? Getting your driver’s license could take anything from a week to four months, depending on whether you need to take driving lessons and the Driving School’s schedule of lessons.

4] Can I drive in UAE, Bahrain, and Qatar with a Saudi Driving License? You don’t need an international driving permit to operate a vehicle in the UAE, Bahrain, Jordan, Kuwait, Qatar, or Austria if you have a valid Saudi Arabian driver’s license.

5] What is the Minimum age for Saudi Driving License Eligibility?

The minimum legal age in Saudi Arabia to receive a driving license for a private car or motorcycle is 18.
For a duration not to exceed one year, a temporary license or driving permit can be obtained at the age of 17 for private car driving.
The minimum age to obtain a driving license is 20 years old for operating public works vehicles.

Apply for a Driving License in KSA. KSA driver’s license for women. KSA driving license fee. Driving Test Saudi Arabia.

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