How to get Russian Residence Permit

Details on obtaining a residency permit in Russia

Get Russian Residence Permit. In order to reside in Russia, foreign nationals must apply for a Russian residency permit. For foreign nationals living in Russia, there are two different kinds of residency permits that are issued: temporary and permanent. For those desiring a Russian passport, obtaining a residency permit entitles one to Russian citizenship. Obtaining a temporary resident permit in Russia is the first step towards obtaining a permanent residency permit. Interested in immigrating to Russia? Apply for a residency visa in Russia. Cost of Russian Residence permits. Russian Residence Permit Requirements. Get in touch with us.

Get Russian Residence Permit. Apply for a residency visa in Russia. Cost of Russian Residence permits. Russian Residence Permit Requirements
Get Russian Residence Permit. Buy Russian Residence Permit

Types of Residence Permits in Russia

For foreign nationals living in Russia, there are two different kinds of residency permits that are issued: temporary residency permits and permanent residency permits.

Temporary Residency Permits

A foreign national with a temporary residency visa is entitled to the same social rights as any other Russian national. The three-year temporary residency visa is granted, but it needs to be renewed annually. The Federal Migration Service issues temporary residency permits for Russian nationals, and obtaining one requires adhering to certain rules and regulations.
Therefore, foreign nationals holding a temporary residency permit in Russia are only permitted to depart the nation with a Russian exit and re-entry visa. To be eligible for a temporary residency visa, an individual needs to meet the following requirements:

  • The foreign nationals have to be Russian natives.
  • needs to have a relative who is Russian.
  • needs to be wed to a Russian national.
  • needed to be an investor conducting business in Russia.
  • have to be a member of the Russian armed forces.

Additionally, changes to the law have been implemented to make it easier for foreigners to get a residency permit in Russia.

Permanent Russian residence permits

Obtaining a permanent residence permit is the prerequisite for becoming a citizen of Russia. After having a temporary resident visa for two years, one can apply for a permanent residency permit in Russia. The validity length of a Russian permanent residency permit is five years, and it can be extended indefinitely. It must be authenticated annually, nevertheless, much like the temporary residency visa. Additionally, visitors with a visa for permanent residency in Russia are free to exit the nation without obtaining a new one. Permanent residents are exempt from needing a work permit to work in Russia.

Russian Residence Permit Requirements

Regardless of the kind of residency permit that a foreign national seeks to obtain in Russia, they must present the following paperwork to the immigration authorities:

  • Four passport-sized pictures, 
  • the application form,
  • the valid passport, 
  • evidence of income (a bank statement), 
  • and a health certificate stating the applicant is free of communicable diseases are required.

The temporary residence permit is also necessary for foreign nationals wishing to seek permanent residency in Russia. The birth certificates of any children who want to move to Russia with their parents must also be submitted.

How can to immigrate to Russia?

If foreign nationals would like to immigrate to Russia, they can do so by starting a business or by getting employment with a local business. Additionally, there are specific circumstances under which a foreign national may request refuge in Russia. Nonetheless, the primary cause of international visitors to Russia is typically labour migration. In this case, the foreign worker’s employment permit application will be handled by the Russian company that hired them. The Russian Federation is able to grant the following kinds of visas:

  • diplomatic and representative of international organisations; 
  • teacher visas;
  • student visas; 
  • permanent residency permits;
  • temporary visas, which also apply to employees; 

As to the Russian Immigration Law, obtaining a temporary residence visa is a prerequisite for obtaining permanent residency. Additionally, after the foreign national has been in Russia for two years, the final category of visa will be granted.

Cost of Russian Residence permits

The state fee for issuing a residency permit has doubled and is currently 5,000 rubles as a result of new legislative revisions that went into effect in November 2019.

Where to get Russian Residency Permits

Russian Residency Permits are not difficult to obtain. This is a guide to the process, types of Russian Residency Permits, and how to get them. If you have any additional questions, please contact us and we will be glad to help. So, buy a Residency permit for Russia.

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