How to get an EU Blue Card

Everything you should know about a residence permit for a European Blue Card

Get an EU Blue Card. Buy an EU blue card. EU blue cards for sale. Obtaining EU work permits. Buying a European Union working permit now.

Get an EU Blue Card. Buy an EU blue card. EU blue cards for sale. Obtaining EU work permits. Buying a European Union working permit now.
Get a European Blue Card. Buying a European Union working permit now.

Get an EU Blue Card if you wish to reside and work in Europe. It’s simple to purchase a working permit for the European Union right now from the most reputable blue card seller in the world. We will walk you through each stage of the procedure. Need a work permit for the European Union? Want to begin a career in the EU? An EU Blue Card may be available to you. Purchase an EU Blue Card and easily and swiftly get it. An EU blue card can be obtained in two ways: through your employer and through government organizations.

What is an EU Blue Card?

A residence and employment permit for highly talented immigrants from outside the European Union is known as the “Blue Card.” The EU Blue Card program is in place to entice highly qualified non-EU citizens to relocate to the European Union. On this website, you may learn more about the EU Blue Card in general, the requirements to get one, and how to apply.
The goal of the European Union is to make its knowledge-based economy the most vibrant and competitive in the world. The EU Blue Card is meant to help with achieving this objective.

How to Get a Blue Card?

For academics from outside the European Union who want to work in a European Union Member State, the EU Blue Card is a residence title. Candidates need a university degree and a job offer that matches the minimum gross wage criterion in order to be granted an EU Blue Card. Obtaining a European Union working permit is a lengthy process, which requires time and professional skills. At the same time, it’s a very profitable option for investors, who want to start their business in Europe. We have developed an easy-to-use tool that will help you get a European Union Blue Card – a residence permit that allows you to live and work in any European country of your choice. So, obtain an EU working permit online. Also, Order a real European Union work permit. Hence, Obtaining EU work permits is now easy.

Who Qualifies for a Blue Card from Europe?

If you meet the following criteria, you are regarded as a highly qualified worker:

  • You have to demonstrate that you have completed a minimum of three years of higher education, such as a PhD, master’s degree, or bachelor’s degree.
  • In your line of employment, you must have at least five years of experience.
  • You need to have an offer for a highly skilled job or a work contract. You are not eligible for an EU blue card if you are a freelancer or an entrepreneur.
  • At least 1.5 times the national average of the EU countries in which you will be employed must be your gross wage.
  • You must possess health insurance for both you and any accompanying family members. There are three ways to obtain health insurance:
    • by (if possible) transferring your current health insurance from your home country to the nation where you wish to work.
    • by (if possible) signing up for public health insurance in the EU nation where you will be employed.
    • You can get a job in the EU country if you want to get private health insurance.


Those interested in applying for a blue card must:

  • demonstrate “higher professional qualifications” (either by schooling lasting 3+ years or the equivalent of 180 tertiary-level credits[14] or through 5+ years of relevant job experience).
  • for regulated professions, meet the legal standards.
  • work as a paid employee; self-employment and business ownership are not covered by the EU Blue Card.
  • possess the required travel and health insurance documentation.
  • possess a work contract or legally binding job offer in an EU nation for a period of time of at least one year, with a pay rate of at least 1.2 times the average gross annual wage of the nation.

Benefits of European Union Blue card

The blue card offers some advantages over other types of residence permits and is intended to make it simpler for a highly trained worker to transfer to the European Union. For instance, German blue card holders are entitled to the following advantages:

  • Enjoy travelling freely within Europe
  • Enjoy the same work conditions and salary just like the citizens of that country.
  • Bring relatives with you, who can also work.
  • Get permanent residency rights
  • Have the same educational, medical, and economic rights as EU citizens.
  • After one year, you can move to another European country (provided you meet the European Union Blue Card requirements of that other country).
Get an EU Blue Card. Buy an EU blue card. EU blue cards for sale. Obtaining EU work permits. Buying a European Union working permit now.
Buy an EU blue card. EU blue cards for sale.

How Long Does It Take to Get an EU Blue Card?

A European Union Blue Card might take up to three months to process. The precise duration for which you will receive a response is contingent upon the particular Embassy or consulate managing your application.

How Long Does a Blue Card Last?

Depending on the nation you choose to work in, a Blue Card is good for one to four years plus an additional three months. Your Blue Card will be valid for three years plus three months, for instance, if your work contract is for three years. The Blue Card can be given for a maximum of four years. If your employment contract is extended, you can request for a renewal of your Blue Card.

Where can I obtain a Blue Card for Europe?

It takes time and professional expertise to complete the extensive procedure of obtaining a working visa for the European Union. Obtaining a European Union Blue Card is necessary if you wish to live and work in Europe. Purchasing a working visa for the European Union right now is simple with the most reputable supplier worldwide. To enable you to live and work in Europe. We will assist you in obtaining work permits and EU blue cards. Also, if you hold a degree in a field that the European Commission considers relevant. Our organization will also assist you in applying for a European blue card. We assist with obtaining a visa or residency permit from any foreign nation that grants such documents, as well as with applying for an EU blue card. So, Buy an EU blue card online. EU blue cards for sale. Buying a European Union working permit now.

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