How to get a Polish Residence Permit

Every step and prerequisite needed to get a residence permit in Poland

How to get a Polish Residence Permit. A residence permit is required for foreign nationals to remain in Poland. Learn more about the steps involved in acquiring a temporary residency permit. If a non-EU foreign national intends to remain in Poland for a period longer than ninety days, they must obtain a residence visa. The foundation for a legitimate stay in the nation is this permit. Depending on whether the foreigner is there to work, study, or for other reasons, permission may be provided. Buy a residence permit in Poland. Cost of a Polish residency permit. Buy a Polish residence permit.
It suffices for EU nationals to register their stay in Poland rather than obtaining a residence permit.
Our material contains information on the permit issuance process and its characteristics. buy a Polish temporary settlement permit

Types of Residence Permits in Poland

For foreign nationals wishing to remain in Poland, there are two kinds of residency permits available. These are the two categories of residency permits:

  • Temporary residence permit (valid from one to three years).
  • Permanent residence permit (valid for ten years).

Additionally, workers with advanced qualifications are entitled to an EU Blue Card.

Polish Temporary Residence Permit

When someone moves to Poland for the first time, they are first granted a temporary residence permit. When you apply for any type of Polish long-stay D visa (for employment, education, family reunification, etc.), you will receive a temporary residence permit. So, Buy a Polish temporary settlement permit

How to Apply for a Temporary Residence in Poland?

The Polish embassy must grant you a long-stay visa for Poland before you may apply for a residence permit. Once in Poland, you need to do the following in order to obtain a legal stay:

-Find the Voivodeship Office closest to you. You must find a voivodeship office, preferably in the Foreign Affairs Department, in order to legalise your temporary stay.
-Gather all necessary paperwork. Fill out this document before applying for a temporary residence permit in Poland. A “Document Checklist” is provided below.
-Convert the necessary paperwork into Polish. Before being submitted, all necessary paperwork for a temporary residency visa in Poland needs to be translated into Polish and legalised. Both the original and copies of the documents must be submitted. You will receive your original documents back after the application procedure is complete.
-Send in the necessary paperwork. To apply for a temporary residency permit, you must deliver the necessary paperwork to the voivodeship office that is closest to you.

-Cover the cost. The temporary residency permit costs approximately €94.
-Await the response. Once you’ve completed the aforementioned procedures, watch for a response. In actuality, the processing period for a temporary residency permit lasts about one month.

Documents Needed for a Temporary Resident Permit in Poland

The following paperwork is needed when applying for a temporary residence permit in Poland:

-The application for temporary residence form. Two copies must be submitted.
-Four pictures. The photos have to meet the requirements for the visa photo.
-A current passport. Submission of both the original and duplicated passport is required.
-The stamp duty payment, which is around €11.
-Health coverage.
-The university acceptance letter must be submitted in order to obtain a student national visa.
-The work permit provided by a Polish employer must be submitted in order to obtain the work visa.
-You need to submit evidence proving your link to the Polish citizen in order to be granted a family reunion visa.

The duration of a temporary residence permit in Poland

The duration of the Poland temporary residency permit is one to three years. If you continue to meet the prerequisites, you are able to renew or extend the permission. You can submit an application for a permanent residency permit after five years.

Cost of a Polish Residency Permit

Temporary Residence PermitAround €74
Permanent Residence PermitAround €140
Residence card€11
Replacement of lost residence cardAround €11
Cost of a Polish Settlement Permit
Buy a Polish residence permit. buy polish temporary settlement permit. Get a Polish Residence Permit. 

Polish Residence Card

A document that verifies your identity when you stay in Poland is the residence card. If you meet any of the requirements below, you will receive a Residence Card:

  • Temporary residence permit.
  • Permanent residence permit.
  • Refugee status.
  • Humanitarian residence permit.

You can cross the Polish border using your residency card and passport without requiring a visa if you’re a foreign national. You can work and study in Poland using it as well. One document that you will receive is a residence card.

When Can I Apply to Poland for Permanent Residency?

After residing in Poland for at least five years with a temporary resident permit, you can apply for permanent residency. In certain situations, you can submit an application more quickly (marriage to a Polish citizen, for example). Before your temporary residence permit expires, you must apply for a permanent residence permit. The application may be sent or turned in in person.

Benefits of a Polish Settlement Permit

The Polish borders are free to cross.
You are able to apply for Polish nationality.
The Consul is available to assist you in necessary high-risk situations.
Without requesting a work permit, you are able to conduct lawful work in Poland.
Live and study in Poland.

Where to buy a Polish Residence Permit online?

Contact us to Buy a Polish residence permit online now. You will need a residence permit if you want to live, study, or work in Poland. However, you could not match all the conditions or it could take some time to obtain a resident permit. If so, you may easily purchase one online at this location. buy a Polish temporary settlement permit. Cost of a Polish Residency Permit if you plan to buy one.

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