European union covid certificates

All information about European union digital covid certificates and how/where to get them online

European union covid certificate online. How to get European union digital covid certificates online. Buy EU COVID Digital Certificates online. This is the best site for your to order an EU-registered Digital Covid Certificate online. Get EUDCC online.

European union covid certificate. How to get European union digital covid certificates online. Buy EU COVID Digital Certificates. Get EUDCC
How to get European union digital covid certificates online. Get EUDCC

We offer EU COVID Digital Certificates and ID cards for the European Union. Our products are fully secure and genuine, we provide the photo, name and passport information that you need to get your digital ID card online.

What are EU Covid digital certificates or Green cards?

The European Union (EU) developed a COVID-19 vaccine passport called the EU Digital COVID Certificate (EUDCC), which is recognized by all of the EU’s member states and is also referred to as the Green Pass in Italy and the Sanitary Pass or Health Pass (passe Sanitaire) in France. Also known as DCC.

When moving around the Schengen Area, the EUDCC can be used. It went into effect in July 2021 and is/was applicable to both EU citizens and visitors from other countries.

According to Johannes Bahrke, the digital spokesman for the European Commission, the EUDCC “established a worldwide standard by being the only system now in operation internationally” in October 2021. More than 591 million certificates have been granted since the debut in July 2021, 438 million of them based on immunization.

How to Get EUDCC ( Green Card) online

You can use this website to submit your DCC request. You must be at least 18 years old, possess a current EU passport, and be able to demonstrate your immunization history with trustworthy documentation (such as an EU COVID vaccination certificate or a current COVID vaccination certificate).

Where you can get an EU Digital COVID Certificate (EUDCC) online

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