EU passports Benefits

EU passports Benefits. Advantages of EU citizenship. All ways to get EU Passports. Get EU citizenship. buy EU Nationality now. EU Passport

EU passports Benefits. Advantages of EU citizenship. All ways to get EU Passports. Get EU citizenship. buy EU Nationality now. EU Passport
EU Passport. Advantages of EU citizenship

An EU passport or even a residence permit gives you some undeniable benefits regardless of the nation you call home. Being a citizen of Europe has many benefits, but listing them all would take several pages, so we’ll just focus on the most significant ones. EU passports Benefits

Living in Europe

A property may be rented, purchased, rented out, or sold in any of the 27 EU nations. Additionally, you are free to visit and stay in any EU nation.

Employment in Europe

You can work in any EU nation with a European passport, and you will likely be given precedence over those without one.
Note that working in some countries may be impossible if you only have a residence permit and no passport. This is the situation, for instance, in Austria, where foreign nationals with residency for financially independent people are not permitted to work.

Travel is simple

EU citizens can travel to any Schengen nation, even those in Europe that are not members of the EU, such as Norway, Lichtenstein, Iceland, and Switzerland, without a visa. Even after Brexit, they are still permitted to enter and remain in the UK for up to six months. Additionally, because they allow for free travel to 180–190 nations, EU passports are among the strongest in the world.

Social security

At whatever step of your life, from studying to earning to renting, you are protected by European law. European pension allows you to live comfortably and even tour the world with sound money management.

High Standard of living

The widespread reputation of European nations is that they offer a good standard of living. The laws governing food safety, consumer rights, and other areas are among the harshest in the world. Although the degree may change between nations, on the whole, life in the EU is more comfortable than in most other places.


Europe is regarded as having some of the strongest educational systems, with internationally renowned universities and famous degrees like Oxford in Britain, and Denmark’s Copenhagen University. Given that many educational institutions offer multilingual instruction, it’s also an excellent approach to guarantee that your children will speak multiple languages. Additionally, students with EU passports frequently pay less to enrol in universities, thus obtaining EU citizenship lets you save money on tuition.


You can choose and quickly access the best clinics regardless of which EU country they are in because EU citizens do not require a visa to travel to other countries in the union, giving you access to excellent healthcare for treating any illnesses that may arise and enhancing the quality of your life.

Voting rights

You have the right to participate in elections as a citizen and to hold office in the government. Again, different nations have different laws regarding this, but by obtaining a passport, you unquestionably have the right to influence national policy and the nation’s destiny.

Safe Haven

You will be able to enter the EU without any limitations regardless of what happens in your primary country of residence, even if the border is closed. similar to how it was during the pandemic.

Privacy Protection

The EU takes the security of your personal information seriously. starting with the GDPR regulation safeguarding your data online and ending with the physical safeguarding of your financial privacy. You may be confident that any official will prioritize protecting your privacy and personal information in non-criminal circumstances.

Advantages for Business

While it may only take an EU citizen three days to register a business in specific circumstances. The process may be far more difficult for non-citizens. Buy EU Nationality now

Consular protection outside the EU

Numerous things can go wrong while you are travelling. Therefore, it helps to know that you have the full protection of an EU citizen. You can get assistance from the EU consulate in any nation if you have any issues.

Financial Advantages

With numerous nations, the EU has double taxation agreements. In other words, you can reduce your tax burden and avoid paying taxes twice. An EU citizen will also find it simpler to open a bank account, obtain a loan, or increase their credit limit at a European bank than a non-citizen will.

Fast-tracking in airports

At EU airports, a special line for citizens usually exists upon arrival, and it is substantially shorter than the standard line.

FAQ about European Passports

What is the difference between European residence and citizenship?
A resident permit entitles you to long-term residence in the issuing nation. All Schengen and EU member states will grant visa-free admission with a European resident card. You can only reside and work in the nation that issued you the permit, though.
A residence card must be renewed when it expires. A lifetime passport is provided.
Obtaining an EU residency by investment is significantly simpler and less expensive than obtaining an EU citizenship through investment. Applications for residence are not as rigorous as those for citizenship. There are, however, certain exceptions; persons requesting a passport from Malta or Cyprus are not required to demonstrate their proficiency in the language or their absorption into the community.
What is the fastest way to get EU nationality and passport?

To become a Maltese citizen, it will take you a year, a certain sum of money, and the legal assistance of licensed immigration advisers. It is currently the quickest method for a non-EEA citizen to obtain an EU passport.

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