What is the cost of a Saudi Arabian Driver’s License? How to get a driving license in Saudi Arabia as a woman.

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How much do Saudi driving licenses cost?

The cost of a Saudi Arabian Driver’s License, or iqama, is around SAR 1,000 ($270). The price varies depending on who you are hiring. As an expatriate living in Saudi Arabia, you’re required to obtain a Saudi driving license within the first 60 days of your arrival. Once the license has been issued, you will only need to renew it every five years. Hence, the Cost of Saudi Arabian Driver’s Licenses?

Also, A license to drive in Saudi Arabia cost varies depending on the type of license you need. And can be obtained in two ways. The most popular way is to visit the Ministry of Interior (MoI) with your Emirates ID, passport, birth certificate and a few other documents proving your identity and residency such as electricity or water bill.

renew a Saudi driver’s license

In Saudi Arabia, it is required to renew a Saudi driver’s license. The renewal process is different from purchasing a new one and can be completed at any time. To renew your Saudi driving license you must go through a medical examination and provide proof of residency and citizenship. The cost of a Saudi driver’s license renewal is much lower than in some other countries, although you will still need to pay fees based on your age and licensing status.

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