Belgian Passport Application and Collection

How to Apply for a Belgian Passport and Where to Them

Belgian Passport Application and Collection. How to get Belgium biometric passports? new Belgian passport. How to renew your Belgium passport.

Owning a passport from Belgium will give you more advantages when it comes to travel. The Belgian passport rank as number 3 in the world with other passports according to the PASSPORT INDEX. So, if you are interested in getting a Belgian passport. then, I will say you are in the right place. Since owning a Belgian passport gives you access to all of Europe and most countries in the world today.

Belgian Passport Application and Collection. How to get Belgium biometric passports? new Belgian passport. How to renew your Belgium passport

Features of a Belgium passport

Belgian passports often come in burgundy and follow the standard EU design.

Three languages—Dutch, French, and German—are printed in the text on the front cover. Therefore, depending on the linguistic community of the bearer (either Dutch-French-German, French-Dutch-German, or German-French-Dutch), the order of the languages differs.

The tiny coat of arms of Belgium is engraved on the front cover.

Inscribed above the coat of arms are the words: the words “EUROPESE UNIE,” “UNION EUROPÉENNE,” and “EUROPISCHE UNION” are all forms of the same word. The names of Belgium are “KONINKRIJK BELGI,” “ROYAUME DE BELGIQUE,” and “KNIGREICH BELGIEN,” respectively.

Inscriptions below the coat of arms include the following as well: The phrase “PASPOORT – PASSEPORT – REISEPASS”

Additionally, since 2015, biometric passports have been available. The front cover of these passports features the standard biometric emblem.

Belgian Passport Application and Collection. How to get Belgium biometric passports? new Belgian passport. How to renew your Belgium passport

Application Process for Belgian Passport

A permanent resident can apply for a Belgian passport and become an EU citizen after three to five years of lawful and permanent residence in Belgium.
The following prerequisites must be met;

Before requesting Belgian citizenship, maintain a permanent address in Belgium for the previous two years; additionally, provide proof of authorized residency in Belgium;
Third, enrol in your community’s population register;
know Dutch, German, and French;
learn about the culture and history of Belgium;
being integrated both socially and economically;
Be a good citizen, obey the law, avoid prosecution, and owe no money to the government in the way of taxes or other debts.

Fees and Processing Times for Belgian Passport

The nation’s foreign affairs ministry, FPS Foreign Affairs, is responsible for issuing Belgian passports. Belgian nationals can apply for a passport at the town or consulate where they are officially registered, and the ministry will thereafter obtain the document.

Depending on where they are issued, passports typically cost €93.50. A more expensive urgent application can be submitted.
If complete documentation is submitted, applications received at the Belgian Embassy/Consulate General will be reviewed within 2 and 15 working days.

Eligibility requirements for Belgian Passport.

To be eligible for a Belgian passport or citizenship, then you need to fulfil the following step as mention below;

Becoming a population register participant.
staying five to ten years legally in Belgium.
demonstrating your social and economic integration.
display of legal knowledge in Belgium.
demonstrating proficiency in one of the three official languages.

Travel Benefits of a Belgian Passport

So owning a Belgian passport has many advantages but here we will just mention a few of the benefits of owning a Belgian passport to travel; Firstly, As a citizen of the EU and Belgium, you have the freedom to enter and exit the EU as frequently as you choose. Secondly, 114 nations, including all of Europe and South America, offer visa-free travel. and Thirdly, 48 nations accept visas upon arrival.

How to renew your Belgium passport easily.

The validity of a Belgian passport is seven years for adults and five years for minors. If it expires, is about to expire, or if your image in the passport no longer accurately depicts you, you must renew it.

You must provide your current passport to the authorities in order to renew it, which is the same procedure as receiving a new passport.

Hence, will all the benefits, why not contact us today to buy or obtain your Belgian passport very fast and easily? Also, if you have any questions on how to apply for a Belgian passport, renewal of a Belgian passport or the requirements for a Belgian passport. Then don’t hesitate to contact us. How to renew your Belgium passport. Belgian Passport application online.

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