Belgian Driving Licenses Application and collecting

All about Belgian Driver’s licenses Application and Collecting

Belgian Driving Licenses Application | Collecting. Get Belgian international driver’s licenses. Cost of a Belgian driving license. license EU.

Belgium’s driving rules and regulations coincide with the Europe union driving rules and also, with the driving rules of most countries at large. So, having a Belgian driver’s license or Belgian international driver’s license will give you access to drive in any country in the world. In addition, owning a valid Belgian driving license, will also, help in some countries in the European Union as an identification document. Hence, why not contact us now to help you obtain your valid and registered Belgian driver’s license fast and easily?

The different categories of Belgian Drivers licenses

The Belgian driving document is divided into categories according to the type of automobile you want to be driving. The list of different types of Belgian driver’s licenses are listed below;

  • Driving license AM – Moped.
  • Driving license A – Motorcycle.
  • Driving license B – Car.
  • Driving license C – Truck.
  • Driving license D – Bus.
  • Driving license G – Tractor.
Belgian Driving Licenses Application | Collecting. Get Belgian international driver's licenses. Cost of a Belgian driving license. license EU

What are the requirements for a Belgium driving license

You must meet the requirements listed below in order to be eligible for a Belgian license:

First, possess a Belgian resident card (if you do not already possess one, read how to obtain one here).
Second, you must be 18 years old to apply for a permanent driver’s license; you must be 17 years old to take the theoretical exam.
Pass the theory test, third.
Fourth, pass the practical test.
Additionally, state that you have completed a test for reintegration after a driving ban and that you are not currently on a driving prohibition.
Declare that you do not suffer from any physical ailments or limitations. A mandatory medical exam may be used in place of this declaration. You must sign the statements that you are given when taking the theoretical and practical exams.

The process for exchanging a foreign driving license for a Belgian one

Driving is only permitted in Belgium for the first 185 days following registration. Therefore, the exchange for a Belgian driving license is required after those 185 days.
However, the Belgian driving license cannot be issued until these first 185 days of registration have passed. The exchange process can begin during this time. The foreign, non-European driver’s license cannot be returned to you during the exchange process unless you disobey the rules.

The fees associated with obtaining a Belgian driving license

A driving license is priced differently by each municipality. The typical cost is 25 euros. A theoretical and practical exam must be passed in order to obtain a driving license. You will be put to the test to determine your driving ability as well as your knowledge and proficiency behind the wheel. Cost of a Belgian driving license.

Tips for Passing the Practical and theoretical driving exams in Belgium

Theoretical test; For your temporary license to practice driving, you must pass the theoretical test. To obtain your complete license afterwards, you must pass the practical test.
From the age of 17, you are eligible to take the theoretical test. It takes roughly 30 minutes to complete the theoretical test. It consists of 50 multiple-choice questions regarding traffic signs, laws, speeding, safety, and other topics based on actual scenarios that may arise in traffic.
Before the exam, you should confirm that the exam money has been paid.

Practical test; To get your full license, you need to pass the practical test. You need to make an appointment for your driving practice. Once you have passed the practical test. then you will be given a certificate which you will use to apply for your license. Also, you will need to pay for the exam fee. In addition, you will need to bring the following documents to take your exam with you; Your identification card, Temporary permit, and Payment acknowledgement, If you are retaking the exam after failing it twice, you must bring documentation of your additional study sessions. And also, When driving your own vehicle for the exam, you must also have a current inspection certificate for the automobile, proof of insurance, your driver’s license, and the car of the instructor(s) you are working with.

To succeed in this test, keep in mind that confidence and practice are essential. Your grasp of the regulations is just as important as your ability to drive throughout your driving test. Don’t just rely on the information required for the written portion of the permit test; instead, get knowledgeable about traffic rules. Yes, you should be aware of the specifics.

Belgian Driving Licenses Application | Collecting. Get Belgian international driver's licenses. Cost of a Belgian driving license. license EU
Get Belgian international driver’s licenses

So, if you want to get valid Belgian international driver’s licenses. Or any other type of Belgian car license then just contact us to help you obtain a registered Belgian license for you. Belgian Driving Licenses Application

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